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About Jorge

After college and a few years in the corporate world, Jorge returned to athletics on a personal journey to get in the best shape possible and reach his childhood dream of becoming a professional athlete.

While losing over 30lbs and reaching many fitness goals, he developed his own athletic performance research and development company, Focus Fitt Inc, as a way to extend himself and his findings in order to help others in the area of health and wellness.

As a 1st degree black belt with over 15 years of teaching experience, he credits his disciple from Karate starting at 8 years old as one very important key to his success. His 25 plus years of fitness experience, which includes football, track & field, and martial arts made the transition back to athletics possible. He spent several years on television sets performing as a stuntman for many local networks, including a few major Hollywood movie productions. This combination helped him reach one of his personal goals; to be a featured athlete on NBC’s hit television show American Ninja Warrior in 2014.

Today, he spends his time as part of the Hollywood Beach Ocean Rescue team while training to compete in both Ninja sports and stand up paddleboard racing.

He is also a featured writer for several local publications in the area of health and fitness and has been completing a 6 year long autobiographical book project titled While I Chased the Sun due out at the end of 2016.

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